Though it may be hard for you to believe, there are still people in the world who have the chance but refuse to learn how to use a computer. The weird part is that many of these people are music composers, writers, journalists, and publishers- which could benefit from using a computer. This phenomenon is referred to as technophobia.

These technophobes have many reasons why they don’t use computers. The main reason is that they haven’t been convinced that computers are useful. Therefore, since they have not been truly informed of the potential of computers, they feel there’s no reason to jump on the bandwagon. In some cases, a technophobe will become a computer user, when and if someone takes the time to show them the benefits of computer usage. However, until that happens, most of them stay in what we consider the “Dark Ages” of the technological era.

Most people do understand that their lives would be so much easier if they’d learn computers, but are slow to learn due to a variety of factors including laziness and just plain stubbornness. For these people, taking time to learn something new is time-consuming and cumbersome. These people will often make excuses for not having a computer such as not having the money to purchase one, or not having the space for one. Once they overcome their own inertia and put forth at least a little effort, these individuals will be able to learn technology fairly easily. In some cases, these people are forced to learn so that they can advance in their chosen profession.

On the other hand, some people refuse to learn because they had some sort of negative experience in their first dealings with computers. First impressions are very important and when the first impression is a bad one, it creates a mental block or even a phobia that will keep them from even considering learning about computers in the future. Often, this is due to poor training. The person training them may have pushed all the right buttons for them, but they never learned to do it on their own. It’s very common for these individuals to become very frustrated and give up or develop a negative attitude towards computers and technology. Once this negative attitude has been formed, it’s hard to change their minds.

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Finally, a small percentage of people not only refuse to learn, but they are actively resistant to learning about computers and technology in general. In some cases, these people are referred to as “Modern Day Luddites” and their motives are typically political. The reasons for their resistance vary. In some cases, they are radical environmentalists who think computers are there to cause damage and destruction to the environment. On the other hand, some of these individuals oppose capitalism and therefore hate these large computer companies and resist in order to make a political statement. Still, others wish live in a Paleolithic utopia, where everyone gives up on industry and technology and we all return to nature. These people are not likely to change their minds.

Most individuals simply need to get over their natural resistance to change and begin to understand the benefits of technology. It can be helpful for these individuals to sit down with someone that will be patient with them and tutor them on the computer. Once they get over their technophobia and begin to understand the benefits of technology, most of them will seek out information on their own accord.